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Episode 2: Audio Description

Grab your popcorn! Cheryl Green and Thomas Reid take us to the theater and remind our senses of what it could be if we keep imagining more accessible worlds together. In disability community, we see access not as a checklist or a way to avoid getting sued. No, access is part of making vibrant communities and good art. Our guests today are experts in audio description a key piece of access for blind and low vision people. Audio description is a narration of the key visual components of a story. It includes dynamic translation between visual and aural. What does it mean to imagine access not at the end of the creative process but at the very start? Follow Cheryl Green on twitter @WhoAmIToStopIt and check out Thomas Reid’s

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Episode 1: Call it What it Is

How do you talk to disabled people without saying the wrong thing? Start by “calling it what it is.” A cane is a cane, not a fishing pole or a wizard’s staff.

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