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In A Flash Episode 4 PT.1: Dani’s Twins

I acquired my disability almost 15 years ago. So I’d say when I was first injured, one of the first questions that popped into my head is: Am I going to be able to be a mom with this disability? And there was a mentor in the rehab where I was, Shannon, who actually happens to be in the film. She was the first woman that I’d ever befriended and gotten to know who was a quadriplegic and also a mom. I was just amazed because I’d never seen it out there. And I’d just made the assumption that it would be too hard because what I was facing was unfamiliar territory. And so, yeah, I think Shannon was the first person that gave me hope. And then from there, I kept meeting more and more women who have kids. And I realized, okay, well, this is a regular thing. It’s not even a big deal, actually!

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