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Contemporary Disability Sculpture Exhibition

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Process and Presence

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Process and Presence

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Process and Presence

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DisArt is committed to increasing the participation of Disabled people in our communities through curated art exhibitions, cutting-edge public events, and organizational coaching. We believe that Disabled people deserve to do more than merely get inside spaces and events—they deserve to fully participate in our culture.

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DIStopia looks at disability culture from the inside out. If you’re sick of seeing Disabled people being represented in popular culture as villains, psychos, misfits, or unreachable, if you live a life that’s different from everybody else around you and just can’t make a connection, if you need a place to rant and rave about living with a disability, if you need a place to learn about the history of disability, if you need to be inspired not by someone simply buying a cup of coffee or being able to tie their shoelaces, but by somebody who has actually changed the world that we live in through their Disability activism or art, then this is your place. This is your podcast. This is it. A podcast for us, by us.

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