Process and Presence: Contemporary Disability Sculpture Exhibition Lesson Plans

Lesson Outcome

Students will create texture studies out of everyday objects through manipulation, layering, and abstraction. Through this artistic process, students will analyze and discover various learning styles and be introduced to the Disabled Culture. This lesson is important because it allows students to appreciate beauty and potential of everyday objects as art. Students will also be exposed and gain insight into the Disabled Culture and community and how having a disability affects learning in the classroom and everyday experiences.

Grade Level: 9th-12th Introduction to Art One
Allotted Time: Two-Four Days of 65 minute periods

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Olivia Miller is the 2D art teacher at Lowell High School. Olivia has been teaching for five years and is currently earning her masters at Kendall College of Art and Design for Art Education. Olivia specializes in drawing and painting and her own work is mixed media. In her free time, Olivia enjoys creating her own artwork, traveling, and being outdoors.

For more information:
Instagram for Art: @paintandprisma

Texture Studies - Exhibition Lesson Plan

Students create texture studies out of everyday objects through manipulation, layering and abstraction.


Day One - Exhibition Lesson Plan

Looking at life through many lenses and transforming something ordinary into something new.


Day Two - Exhibition Lesson Plan

What is an advocate? And where do we see people advocating for their rights?