The activities and philosophies of popular life have consistently relegated disability into either a place of infantilizing adoration or segregated isolation. Both places leave Disabled people without access to, or agency in, and their cultural surroundings. DisArt uses this reality as the catalyst of all its productions and services in order to increase the participation of Disabled people in our communities.

DisArt forwards the idea that disability is a common element of the human condition, one that must be identified as a contributor to the greater good of a diverse society. Although there are many fine national institutions that center energies on assisting Disabled artists in the creation and marketing of artworks, there are fewer systems-focused organizations that work to facilitate synergies between Disability Arts and the wider contemporary world. Through its  exhibitions, conferences, and cutting-edge public events, DisArt not only presents the best, contemporary Disability Arts to the public, but also creates environments in which disabled and nondisabled populations can find cohesion through dialogue and shared experience.

DisArt productions model inclusive strategies for production companies responsible for public events across the country and offers consultancy for creating production best practices. DisArt’s vision of access design places inclusion and diversity at the cornerstone of any production rather than leaving them to be added on as an afterthought. Employing advanced technologies, design principles, and theories of hospitality, DisArt works to help organizations of all types create welcoming events and programs.

Through its programming and access design principles, DisArt is confident the ability inequalities that often run amok in popular life can be greatly lessened in the coming years.