Lawrence Carter Long Presents Silent Disability Films

April 6, 2017 @7:30 PM, ArtPrize Hub (41 Sheldon Boulevard Southeast)

Join DisArt for an intriguing evening of rarely seen, early Disability Cinema from the 1920s. Hosted by Lawrence Carter Long, this one-of-a-kind movie experience explores Disability representations from the silent movie era, accompanied by a live piano player. Come and enjoy good conversation about how the power of film has been forever used to tell the stories of the human experience.

Lawrence Carter Long is a Public Affairs Specialist for the National Council on Disability in Washington DC. Known worldwide for his commitments to Disability Arts, in 2012 Carter Long worked with Turner Classic Movies as a programmer and cohost of The Projected Image: A History of Disability in Film which introduced Disability Culture to thousands of people. He was the Dir. of Advocacy for Disabilities Network of NYC, and the creator and curator of the very popular disTHIS! Film Series which ran from 2006-2010. His writings can be seen across the digital landscape, and in publications like the Ragged Edge. As an artist, commentator, and facilitator of disability rights action, Carter Long has spent a career excavating the power of media in our understanding of disability.

Offering a unique film viewing experience, local singer-songwriter David Molinari will provide live accompaniment to the silent feature film “Deliverance,” a film made by Helen Keller about her life and career.